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Hi! My Name is Matthew Garrett, from Hay-on-Wye in "sunny" Wales.

  I've set this site up to make it easier to share some of my photo's with people. If you're here looking it is probably because I've sent you the address, so enjoy and let me know what you think..

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N.B. this site may take a while to load as it is mostly photos, so please be patient. 

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Matt Garrett
[the "goatee" has recently gone]

I am 39 years old (born 6th September 1969), 6 foot tall (164cm) and weigh roughly 13 stone, green eyes and short brown hair (with a touch of grey creeping in) and I live in Cheltenham, having moved out of Hay-on-Wye 5 years ago.


I am happily divorced (for the second time) and have two children from my first marriage - Gemma (15yo) and Sam (12yo). My children live with their mother, in Hay-on-Wye, although I do see them regularly.

I've been a full time "internet marketer" and Blogger, earning a living online since 2005, so I spent quite a bit of time on the internet and know my around lots of "web stuff".
  M Garrett
  [Matt Garrett in a tie!]

I used to work as a software sales and marketing Director in the "Legal" market, i.e. with solicitors practices, and spent over 12 years doing so, mostly in sales.

  [Gemma & Sam Garrett]
  My kids, Gemma & Sam, are growing up way too fast,
and I spend as much time with them as I can. And yes, I know, the blond hair didn't suit me! lol
  I'm not a huge fan of horse riding, but I'm quite happy trying new stuff
  [blades are a lot of fun]
  Skiing is my favorite sport, I've been doing it quite a few years now, but still enjoy skiing with friends who are new to it .
  I also love Scuba Diving and have my PADI open water divers certificate, although I've only done a dozen or so dives so far...
  [Butterfly Bay, Olu Deniz, Turkey]
  I've also been para gliding in Turkey, which was cool!  scary
  [Red Square, Moscow]
  Like most people, I enjoy traveling, I've even spent a week in Moscow...
  [some mechano tower in france]
  I've also visited some of the more traditional holiday spots, Paris was a favorite of mine and I'll go back again sometime... 
  [liquid lunch]
  I'm a fairly "chilled out" and "laid back" kind guy,
and enjoy going out for a meal or drinks with friends ...
[Matt Garrett in the shed]

oh, and apparently I've got a fairly "silly" sense of humour...

Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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This is a local view across the River Wye with Hay-on-Wye in the foreground. Hay is a beautiful place to live, with the black mountains and Brecon becons on the back doorstep, the scenery is spectacular. Hay-on-wye is a very popular tourist spot, and not just for the bookshops. 

If you found this site while looking for Hay-on-Wye then this site will give you more info about my old home town, including the Literature Festival: -



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